We offer a wide range of services for every industry

From TV & Film to Oil & Gas we can deliver outstanding footage

Our drones get places helicopters can’t go

Change your perspective.

Aerial Services

What better way to showcase your amazing product than with the awesome views that only a drone can deliver. Blackbird Aerials can help you achieve your dream shots and help showcase your products the way they deserve to be show. We can help out in all aspects of production, editing, design, and concept to help get your ideas off the ground. 

Corporate video.

Want aerial shots of your office building or a tour of your golf course? With the help of Blackbird aerial, we can get that shot you need for your website or corporate video. The possibilities are endless! 

TV & Film

When a crane, jib, or dolly just wont cut it and a helicopter is either too impractical, dangerous, or expensive, this is where Blackbird Aerial steps in!

Blackbird Aerials can deliver the shot you have pictured in your mind without the limitations of cranes, jibs, or helicopters. Want to follow a person running through the woods? We can do that! A car zooming through mountainous roads – We’re all over that! A shot starting at eye level and zooming off to 500 feet? The possibilities are absolutely endless! Get in touch with us now and see how we can help take your project to new heights. 

Oil & Gas.

From Pipeline to burn stack inspections; land surveys to environmental impact studies our drones are the safest and most cost effective way to get the footage you need. Because of our small size we can get much closer than you ever could with a helicopter in situations that were previously not cost effective, safe, or just plain impossible – Welcome to the future of oil field aerial service providers! 

Real estate.

Blackbird Aerials service’s are most effective for large properties and acreage’s. We can provide high quality aerial showing your listings in the best possible light – from all angles! We will produce a stunning, high definition aerial film highlighting the most important aspects of your listing. We even provide hosting for the video!

Blackbird Aerials can be especially helpful for new condo development. We can deliver panoramic photos and video at each floor before the condo has been built so your clients will know exactly how the view outside their new home will look. 


There are hundreds of industrial and commercial applications for our aerial services: Site surveys for Oil & Gas/Mining operations, aerial views of industrial compounds, High Def aerial mapping, wildlife census, wind turbine blade inspections, bridge inspections, Agriculture (Crop Monitoring & Management), forestry Management & Research. The applications are endless we can access hard to reach places as well as areas too difficult or impossible to get with a helicopter.